Song Hye Gyo Puckers for Laneige

Song Hye Gyo

It wasn’t long ago that Song Hye Gyo revealed her new found love, Hyun Bin.  Okay, I wouldn’t exactly call it love, at least not now.  They’ve only been going out for a few months, but Hyun Bin isn’t the only one she’s puckering up for. 

Song Hye Gyo recently did a photo shoot for Laneige lipstick.  No matter how many years have gone by, she still seems to keep her looks flawless. I have to say that she is one of my favorite actresses, but that doesn’t mean she can escape what comes next. 

Don’t get me wrong, she looks great in the photo shoot.  Her hair, make-up and clothes were all flawless.  However, how is she going to endorse the lipstick looking like a mannequin?  Notice that she has the same expression in all of her photos.  The slightly open mouth pose is hot.  There’s no doubt about it, but not in every photo!  Maybe she could take some lessons from Yoon Eun Hye.  Song Hye Gyo could use a little advice on how to change it up a little. 



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