Nichkhun Behind the Scene of “Let’s Take a Break”


Are you ready for a vacation?  Why not visit Thailand?  Nichkhun, member of boy band, 2PM is currently working on a new campaign to invite visitors around Asia to visit Thailand.  The campaign is called, “Let’s Take a Break”.  Who wouldn’t want to take a break to this beautiful paradise? 

Before Nichkhun, Thailand’s most famous pop star, Bird Thongchai was the endorser of the campaign.  With Nichkhun taking over, it’s considered a big deal because it means that Nichkhun popularity in Thailand has reached the same level as Bird. 

Anyways, Nichkhun recently did a interview on a Thai variety show called, “Mo-chit” and mentioned that if it wasn’t for this campaign, it would be a long while before he gets to visit Phuket.  The last time he was in Phuket was 10 years ago.  Here’s a clip of Nichkhun behind the scene of the filming. 

Behind the scense video credit: Symbelmyns

Here’s the full video

Credit:  bestdestination


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