Age can’t weigh Lee Hyori Down

Lee Hyori

Age is just a number.  If you were just walking down the streets and knew nothing about Kpop, you’d never guess that Lee Hyori is 30 years old.  She’s still rockin’ some sexy outfits and a bangin’ body.  Who wouldn’t want a body like Hyori’s at the age of 30?

Hyori was sporting some hot outfits for the Fall/Winter issue of Top Girl.  In the image below, she has her hair tied back.  I think she’d still look great with short hair.

Lee Hyori1

Lee Hyori3

I love this picutre.  It looks like she’s still in her teens.  Last year, we saw Hwangbo sporting the same style pants and lots of us honestly laughed.  Looks like there’s nothing left to laugh about ’cause girls are also rockin’ them in NYC.  I admit I have a pair and they’re really comfortable.

Lee Hyori4

Lee Hyori2


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