Choi Jin Shil’s stolen ashes update

Choi Jin Shil 1

There’s some new updates on Choi Jin Shil’s stolen ashes.  Lucky, police finally have some clues as to who has stolen her ashes.  They were able to check the surrounding cameras and caught a suspect has been caught on tape.

It is still not clear who he is or what was his motive.  The man appears to be between the age of 35-50.  It was clearly seen on the video that the man smashed the back of Choi Jin Shil’s tombstone and took over an hour before fleeing the scence.  The crime was actually committed the August 4th at between 9:55pm and 10:58pm.  Police are currently doing their best to find the suspect and bring Choi Jin Shi’s ashes back to her tombstone.

Choi Suspect

Choi Tombstone



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