Having some Drama Fever?

Drama Fever1

Some of you may already know that Dramafever.com finally launch their website after being on beta for a while.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, then you might want to give them a visit.

All of us K-drama addicts who can’t understand Korean, we tend to go in search for good quality drama online almost every week.  In the beginning there was youtube.com and it’s still a great source for variety shows, movies, etc.  Especially since now it offers high quality videos, but you’ll only get 10 minutes max before you’re interupted  because you have to click on the next video to continue.  Then there’s mysoju.com.  It’s a great site, but you might want to take some pointers from the new comer, Drama Fever. 

Drama Fever is free and the high quality videos are amazing.  You can’t see the the actors’ pimple, but at least you can still see their faces instead of it being all blurry.  The team at Drama Fever subs the videos themselves so it takes a little while, but if you’re patience then the experience will pay off.  They’re still adding new dramas onto their site.  Give them some time and I’m sure they’ll catch up with all the other sites that has hundreds of videos. 

There is a down side to the site though.  Everytime you start a new video, you’ll have to put up with 15-30 seconds of advertisements.  I guess that’s the price you pay for watching the videos for free.  The site has to make their money somehow.  I think it’s a fair give and take though.  Check it out and see what you guys think. 

Drama Fever


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