2NE1’s Minzy wearing naughty Care Bear leggings (Uncensored)


Naughty naughty Minzy or at least netizens think so.  On the latest episode of 2NE1TV, Minzy was wearing a naughty Care Bear leggings.  How naughty?  Well, the Care Bear was blurred out because it had an erection.  It doesn’t stop there.  Here’s the uncensored photos.






Netizens are outraged by the leggings, saying it’s inappropriate for a girl her age.  Anyways, this wasn’t the first time Minzy wore it.  She also wore it to 2NE1’s performance at Inkigayo and a pink version back in July.  No one caught it back then until there was this close up on the reality tv show so we finally knew what these Care Bears were up to.  The erection isn’t the only naughty thing on the leggings.  On the other side of the leggings, you can see the male bear going down on the female bear. 





Dara is also starting to get some criticism because on her trip to the Philippines, she was spotted wearing similar pants. 

I just think this whole thing is really funny and the leggings are pretty cool.  If you’re wondering where you can get a pair, check out farfetch.com.  They are made by Ground Zero and cost $78 or you can get them for $58 at Idontlikemondays.us.


On the tv show, it doesn’t show the entire leggings.  Besides the bear with the erection, there are plenty of  other naughty things there’s bears are doing.  There’s the male bear doing down on the female bear while another male bear is watching.  There is a male bear masturbating and two male bears comparing penis size. Check it out for yourself.  What do you guys think about this whole thing?

Care Bears

Credits: 2NE1 Fashion Evalution


5 responses to “2NE1’s Minzy wearing naughty Care Bear leggings (Uncensored)

  1. hahaha.. the care bears are so cute. go 2ne1 wear whatever you like

  2. They are selling at http://www.sevennewyork.com

    so coolllllllllllll

  3. wow just checked out the website http://www.ground-zero.co.uk is super cool……. 🙂 GROUND ZERO

  4. I want one, tbh. 😛

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