JYP apologizes for Chansung’s wrong doing


Netizens are at it again scoping up trash about Chansung.

On the recent episode of Wild Bunny that aired August 21st, Chansung was eating ice cream and then throws his wrapper on the side of the street.  He continues walking on as though nothing happen.   Someone screen capped the incident and posted it online.  Thus, creating a commotion.

Chansung was criticized for littering.  Although Netizens understands that he’s only human, they said he’s still a celebrity so he should be more careful.  Netizens have expressed their disappointment in the idol.  This has all gone out of control.  Therefore, JYP had to come out and apologize on 2PM official online cafe.

“We would like to apologize for making fans feel disappointed after seeing a scene of ChanSung littering with a used tissue. We will make sure there will be no such incidents in the future.”

JYP Entertainment also said on a phone interview, “The concept for the filming is very natural for the boys that tday. 2PM also talked to the production team after filming and picked up that litter. But it is true that it is a wrongdoing from ChanSung.”

Credit: K-bites



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