Jaebeom caught in love triangle


2PM’s leader, Jaebeom is in for some trouble as he is caught in a celebrity love triangle.  This has cause some burden for both Jaebeom and the other celebrity boyfriend.  It turns out his girlfriend has chosen Jaebeom over him, resulting in disappointment and perhaps break-up.


Yes, the celebrity couple was none other our adorable kid celebrities, Harin-ie and Seok Hyun-ah.  Wasn’t it so cute?  Read my “Jaebeom & Chansung in I Have An Uncle” post to see how it all ends. 

Credits: fidott


One response to “Jaebeom caught in love triangle

  1. i’ve watched the show without subs so i can’t really understand what’s happening.. but jay is definitely cute with kids~!! i’m falling for him even more now~ >___<

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