Lee Dong Wook is now off to the army

Lee Dong Wook1

I mentioned last week that Lee Dong Wook was going to wrap up the filming for Bean Paste and enlist in the army on the 24th of August.  Well, that day has finally come and we won’t be seeing him for another two years. 

Lee Dong Wook has set off to serve his country today at Nonsan Army Training Center.  He shaved his head yesterday and spent some time with this family before he had to leave today.  His last conference was also today saying good-bye to everyone and that he will return shortly.  His new haircut does look different, but he’s still quite handsome.  So off goes another good man to the army.

Lee Dong Wook3

Lee Dong Wook2


6 responses to “Lee Dong Wook is now off to the army

  1. oppa!!!!! i gonna miss u

  2. miss u so much!!!! sarang heyo

  3. oppa…. love u so much……………………………………. marry me,,OK

  4. 2 years is not so long cause of I love you LDW.

  5. oppa..
    miss u miss u misss u…

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