Pictures & Video of 2PM on Inkigayo Special Idol Stage


Last week, 2PM was on Inkigayo Special Idol stage.  I know it was last week, but I had to share these photos of the guys and the video.  They were just too amazing in their dances.  Nickhun really surprised me also.  Did you guys notice that in their debut, it was only Jaebeom who would show some extra skin?  Now that the guys are working out more, they’re starting to show more skin one by one.  First Jaebeom then Chansung and now Nickhun.  I am impressed.  I can’t wait to see who’s next.

It is weird that that in the image above, Nickhun is wearing rosary and he’s Buddhist. 




Poor Junsu.  He doesn’t look happy.  Well, I wouldn’t be either if I had to work and I was sick.





Credits:  lilygiang &


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