All Korean Gossip worth reading


There are thousands of Kpop blogs out there, but only a hand full are worth a daily visit.  There’s blogs like Allkpop; which stays on top of their game daily and then there’s All Korean Gossip.  It’s a new blog, only a few weeks old, but has been updating the latest Kpop gossips at the speed of light. 

I highly recommend Kpop fans to visit All Korean Gossip as it is updated daily with some exclusive images and details.  I see potential in this site and from the looks of it, you can tell the writer does her best to keep readers updated.  There’s only one writer and you can request for images or more information on certain gossips.  You need translations?  Well, she can probably do that too.  Don’t forget to comment on the blog because all blog writers want is to feel appreciated.  The more appreciated a blogger feels, the more updates you’ll get.


One response to “All Korean Gossip worth reading

  1. You’re right, they are fast o_O *adds to RSS*

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