Shinee’s Taemin answers fans on Chinese UFO


Taemin left some messages and answer questions on the Chinese UFO site today.  Although his English isn’t well, you have to give him credit for trying and reaching out to fans outside ot Korea.  His answers will get you all giggy with smiles.  He’s just too adorable. 

August 27, 2009 UFO Translations
some rough translations:
his replies were like
TM:please believe in us! hehe
TM: we will succeed/do it!! ^^

a fan talked about some love festival (something like valentine’s – but chinese version based on the folk story of Cowherd and WeaverGirl) and asked for chocolate
TM: ” ah i don’t have chocolate now.. huhu

a fan asked when they were coming to China and she would treat them to good food
TM:hehe what good food will you treat?? hehehe

and to another fan who wished them all well and asked when they were coming over to China (again)
TM:will come quickly~! Please wait for us. hehe

another fan asked to be their Juliette for the day (since its the Chinese festival for love)
TM:that’s good/okay~!! ^^ thank you

to another fan who said she was a noona, but felt more youthful when she listened to SHINee songs and jiayou (means ‘Hwaiting~!’) and she loved them (like ‘saranghae’)
TM:thank you..!!!^^ i love you too~~

credits; original source – smshinee, translated by idyllic

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