Wild Bunny Ep 6 (Eng Sub)

Wild Bunny1

Hi everyone!  Here is episode 6 of Wild Bunny with English subs.  All the episodes just gets funnier and funnier.  Watch the guys show their feminine side, enjoy and please don’t forget to comment.

Sorry guys, but there’s no Junsu in this episode.

Credits: time2sub2


3 responses to “Wild Bunny Ep 6 (Eng Sub)

  1. 2PM is so funny! They’re always doing crazy things. Thanx for sharing =)

  2. arghhh!!!!
    i really wanna watch this, real badly!
    i use my university line and it blocks
    you tube and all other streaming video sites, so i’m left with no way to watch them! T_T

    just tell me how it goes guys, i don’t mind
    spoilers… *sniff**sniff*

  3. This was the funniest episode so far. They looked rediculous, I couldn’t stop laughing. I think Jokwon had the worse oufit, but he probably didn’t mine. lol

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