Nichkhun takes home “Mr Beauty Award” & 2PM takes home “Hot Summer Choice” award


On tonight’s Mnet 20’s Choice Award, Nichkhun took home the “Mr Beauty” award while the entire 2PM guys took home the “Hot Summer Choice” award.  Unfortunately, our leader, Jay lost to Lee Hyori in the “Hot bod” category.  Win or lose, we all know he’s got a body that all men are dying to have and all women are dying to touch.  Congratulations to the guys.  Oh look at their shoes in the picture above, hm… not sure if I like it or not.  Anyways check out the video of the award if you haven’t seen it yet.

Mr Beauty

“Mr. Beauty”

When Nichkun went up to get the award, it was so cute.  He introduces himself as Nichkhun of 2PM.   Even though it was an individual award, he never forgot his group.  Then when he did the dance with Hwang Seok-hyeon, that was just too cute. 

Hot Summer Choice

“Hot Summer Choice”

Credits: yanaftwtwo


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