2PM’s Hanami endorsement in Thailand


SHINee isn’t the only group keeping busy, 2PM been up and about on their feet also.  They’re currently in Thailand and was spotted endorsing Hanami shrimp flavored chips.  They’ll be shooing a CF in Thailand and will return to Korea shortly.  Except for Nichkhun who is staying a little longer for his endorsement with Suzuki.  Hanami revealed to Thai entertainment, Dow Krajai that 2PM is receiving 150 million baht for the endorsement; which is about 4.4 million US dollars. From the looks of it, the guys need some rest, especially Chansung who seems extra tired.  Here are some pictures and an interview at the hotel.





At 6PM on August 31, 2009 at Pathumwan Princess Hotel, consist of Jaebum, Nickhun, Taecyeon, Junho, Junsu, Chansung and Wooyoung of 2PM has step in Thailand to be Hanami’s presenter.

Nickhun openly said “We’re very happy and honor that we were picked to be the presenter for Crisp Rice Hanami with the Hanami’s concept of friendship that goes well with 2PM.” He added, “I am especially a Hanami customer when I was little and as for my friends 2PM, when they ate it, they really like it and can’t stop complimenting.”

At the same time, Nickhun disclosed about their Meet and Greet activity with fanclubs, “Other than coming here for being presenter today, we also have another activity that we’ll be meeting with fanclub. Which the rule is to send a meaningful board between Hanami and 2PM under the theme Friendship. It is something that’s valuable and meaningful.”


△How do you feel that medias giving so much attention?
Taecyeon: Thank you the medias that give us a warm welcome. We’re very happy. We just left to Korea not long ago and now we’re back again is something we’re delighted about.
Jaebum: It’s the first time there are so many cameras. I’m shy.
Taecyeon: I’m shocked as well.

(MC) Arrived at 2PM and came straight here

△ Your feeling toward being picked as presenter for Hanami?
Taecyeon: 2PM love eating anyway so we’re happy and honor to be picked as presenter this time.
Jaebum: I heard that Hanami is a snack you eat among friends, so I think that 2PM was picked because we’re very closed friends.
Nickhun: As for myself, I have been a customer since I was little so I’m very happy to be presenter. We’re honor to be invited here because we get to eat free Hanami. (Laugh)

(Hanami) From this time on, you will get to eat free Hanami and if you ran out of Hanami in Korea, we’ll send it by plane.
2PM: Thank you!

△ What stand out for 2PM to be picked as presenter for Hanami?
Jaebum: Probably because we’re like family and friends. A family that love each other unconditionally.

△ Then who is the father?
(Everyone point to Jaebum) Jaebum said “Thank you” that make everyone laugh

△ What would you compare your friends to, if anything?
Taecyeon: I think 2PM because even though we’re in the same group but we’re closed as friends.

△ Compare something as a representative for friends.
Nickhun: Crisp Rice Hanami. Hanami has many flavor, right? When we eat is like we’re with our friends. We’re happy and not lonely.

△ Is there something you’re touch by your friends?
Jaebum: There was a time when it was my birthday. That time we were promoting and busy so there was no time to celebrate my birthday but fans and 2PM held a surprised birthday for me. I was very touch.
Taeyeon: Also my birthday as well but that day we were busy so we can’t celebrate. However, that day we went to a live show and Jaebum have to say something which he said ‘Happy Birthday Taecyeon.’ I was shocked and touch.
Junsu: There were a time I have to sleep at the hospital. Even though all the members went to visit me but Nickhun visited more often, about like 7 days a week! He would talk and find something fun to play.

(MC) Why did Nickhun visit often?
Nickhun: I was worried and that time he had surgery, a lot of blood lost. So I bought him snacks since he can’t go out.

△ Do you ever get angry or sulk at each other?
Taecyeon: Because we have to live together, sometimes we’re angry but we won’t talk at that time. Well, we kept it then we’ll speak together.
Nickhun: We don’t argued but if there is problem, we’ll gather and talk. Who has problem and what? So that in the future, don’t do that again. We have meetings and speak and listens to advices.

△ If you’re angry, how do you reconcile?
Chansung: We don’t really sulk but if there is, we’ll clear it together.
Jaebum: If someone in the group sulk, he have to buy me food and then I won’t sulk at all.

(MC) So that means you love eating. So you have to eat Hanami to get you stop being angry?
Jaebum: It will be gone (laugh)

△ How do you treasure friendship?
Junho: Don’t be selfish. Think of others. When there is something not good, talk together, don’t sulk and don’t forget to give Hanami. (Laugh)

△ How do you feel receiving Mnet 20’s chocie?
Taecyeon: We received three awards. Nickhun’s Hot Mr. Beauty, Hot Summer Heat Shoot Popularity and Hot Performance. We’re honor to received it and we’ll work harder to receive more awards in the future.

△ What flavor did you like best?
Junho: I like hot chili. I like eating spicy things and I’m a hot person. (laugh) (T/N: He meant his personality)
Junsu: I like fry powder curry.
Chansung: I like Norisa flavor (T/N: I have no idea what flavor this is, I shall go find out and edit it later) I’m familiar with and ate it before so I like it.
Taecyeon: I like every flavor because I love eating. Every flavor has its own charm that stands out.
Jaebum: I like the original one because if I eat it, I want to eat it again.
Nickhun: I eat it ever since I was little so they only have the original flavor. I like it even till today but the others are delicious as well just that I’m more familiar with this flavor so I chose this one.
Wooyoung: I’m like Taecyeon. I like every flavor because they have their own that stands out. Whatever flavor I eat, I like it.

△ Leave a message to the medias and Thai fans.
Jaebum: We’re happy to be back in Thailand. We feel honored to be Hanami’s presenter.

After the press conference about new presenter for Hanami this time, 2PM will continue to film the new product commerical ‘LOVE 2PM LOVE HANAMI.’ You can follow more information at http://www.trendysnack.com




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