SHINee’s Onew, Jonghyun and Key replies to Chinese fan’s UFO

Hi everyone.  I know it has been a few days since my last post.  I’ve just been so busy over the weekend and at work yesterday.  As many of you may already know, I work in the fashion industry and NYC’s fashion week is just around the corner so I’ve been on my feet.  Anyways, let’s get back to updates.


SHINee has been keeping busy, but not busy enough to forget fans.  Onew, Key and Jonghyun have been replying to fans on the Chinese UFO the past few days.  Some of their answers will get you wishing there could be a USA UFO.  Jonghyun was a sweetie referring a fan as his Juliette.  Here’s the UFO replies from the 31st of August.

SHINee Chinese UFO replies
I suck at translating so some stuff might be a bit off lol
btw, ge/gege = older brother

To Shinee: Onew ge, the road to the future is still long, but I believe that shinee will shine more and more, I love you~~~!
Onew: Everyone must work hard ….. ^^

To Shinee: Shinee gege, school is starting for me tomorrow, why haven’t you guys replied to me. I’m sad, but I’ll still continue supporting shinee gege! gege please use your hands and reply to me. I love you.
Onew: Chicken… not sad anymore right^^? (he actually wrote “chicken” in English lol)

To Shinee: haha^^ thank you key.. it’s very hot over here. I think Korean is very interesting, but I can’t seem to learn it.. I think I’m really dumb..
Key: Think Korean’s hard huh? ㅠㅠ

To Shinee: Shinee ah! Did you feel my love, I love you guys, if you felt it reply to me!
Key: I feel you’re really far away!

To Shinee: I’m currently listening to Juliette! So, Key~ quickly come be my romeo~^^~
Key: Change, Romeo~ (like.. he’s turning into romeo lol)

To Shinee: Jonghyun, hello! I know you’re close to Yoona, so I wanted to ask you to tell her that I really like her, this is my email _______ (I’m not going to type that person’s email..) I hope to stay in contact with you guys, thank you!
Jonghyun: oh.. ok, I’ll tell Yoona about it (lmaoo jjong)

To Shinee: Our Jonghyun’s singing is getting better and better! Handsome Romeo ♥-*
Jonghyun: Thank you, Juliette
credit: xiaohai63 @ smshinee.ifensi + me for translating

SHINee UFO Replies

[FAN] I look like Olivia Hussey! What do you think?
[JONGHYUN] Ideal types are just ideal types.

[FAN] My friend said he looks like you. Admit it. Also admit our relationship^^
[JONGHYUN] Our relationship????

[FAN] Jonghyun! Please give me Key!!!!
[JONGHYUN] Go ahead; take as much as you want hah.

[FAN] Key, please give me some Jonghyun!

[FAN] Hm, oppa, strawberry toothpaste is too sweet; let’s invent a toothpaste that taste like chicken!!
[ONEW] No No No No chicken is for eating only.

[FAN] DubuJinki! I love you! I love you! I love you!
[ONEW] DubuDubuDubu I love you too!

[FAN] Hand over Taemin to me^^!!!!

[FAN] Oppa, I can’t sleep! Sing me a lullaby!
[ONEW] Through text? (this UFO reply was from phone)

[FAN] Jjong!!
[ONEW] Dub!!

[FAN] I’m right behind you……….
[ONEW] Behind me is the wall.

[FAN] I eat chicken at least once a week~ That’s who I am~
[ONEW] I’m coming.

Credits: stalkingfraud



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