SHINee’s Onew & Jonghyun answer fans’ questions


With a little extra time on their hands, Onew and Jonghyun replied to fans on the Chinese UFO.  The replies were on August 31, 2009.  Yes, that was only yesterday.  Read their replies, they’ll definitely make you smile.


2009.08.31 00:08
Fan: [ONEW] Jinki oppa! Got tempted by fried chicken at night. Want to eat?
[ONEW] Of course.

2009.08.31 00:17
Fan: [ONEW] dubu dubu dubu dubu dubu dubu dubu dubu dubu dubu dubu dubu dubu dubu dubu duli duba (music~)
[ONEW] bab bab balula
(a/n: bab is rice in korean.)

2009.08.31 00:21
Fan: [ONEW] My love, have you eaten half of the garlic chicken? I ate it, it’s very delicious~ Still thinking about the garlic taste
[ONEW] Garlic chicken. Attracted.

2009.08.31 00:29
Fan: [ONEW] If you use ‘fried’ as an ingredient…How will garlic chicken be like? Do you know what’s garlic chicken? Garlic chicken garlic chickenㅋ You can’t leave any behind right?ㅜ
[ONEW] What is that.

2009.08.31 00:35
Fan: All of you are not sleeping but eating!
[ONEW] Fried chicken fried chicken fried chicken fried chicken fried chicken fried chicken fried chicken fried chicken.

2009.08.31 00:38
Fan: [JONGHYUN] Jonghyun ah, how are Jinki oppa’s gags?
[ONEW] I am a bit interesting.

2009.08.31 00:43
Fan: Jinki yah, delivery fried chicken tastes good! ㅋㅋ What kind of fried chicken do you like?
[ONEW] Oof I am hungry.

2009.08.31 00:34
Fan: [ONEW] How about Silky Fowl???
[ONEW] chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken. No conditions.
(a/n: silky fowl is a kind of chicken that is used for chinese medicinal purposes. its a pretty looking chicken)

2009.08.31 00:40
Fan: Will you give chicken at fansign events?
[ONEW] It will turn bad..

2009.08.31 00:41
Fan: [ONEW] Chicken I am chicken. Does Onew goon really like me so much??? ㅋㅋㅋ
[ONEW] Chicken. That’s all for today.


2009.08.31 00:28
Fan: [ONEW] Everybody say chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[JONGHYUN] Mic drink of
(a/n: i think he replied in english for this)

2009.08.31 00:30
Fan: Jonghyun oppa, there are many different kinds of milk teaㅠ Which flavour does oppa like the most? I like Denmark Red Tea!!
[JONGHYUN] If I were to say, it will become a CF

2009.08.31 00:32
Fan: f(x) member Amber really looks likes Jonghyun oppa!!ㅋㅋ
[JONGHYUN] Unique f(x)!!

2009.08.31 00:36
Fan: [JONGHYUN] What do you think of this greeting? ㅋㅋ Hello, I am SHINee’s Sexy Icon Jonghyun. ㅋㅋㅋ
[JONGHYUN] Don’t like.

2009.08.31 00:38
Fan: [JONGHYUN] wo xiang ni wo ai ni shi ren ding de xuan zhe♡ What does this mean? ^^*
[JONGHYUN] I love you, I miss you and something something.
(a/n: the fan wrote ‘i love you, i miss you, you are my confirmed choice’ in chinese hanyu pinyin)

2009.08.31 00:40
Fan: [JONGHYUN] Is oppa really not going to reply to meㅠㅠ? Call me little babyㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠHehe
[JONGHYUN] You became a 3 years old??

2009.08.31 00:41
Fan: [JONGHYUN] Now I feel a little confuse. You who are in the unknown belong to my Boo-♡
[JONGHYUN] Look only at me

2009.08.31 00:48|
Fan: [JONGHYUN] Which member had the most milk coloured skin?! Milk coloured skin Kim Jonghyun!
[JONGHYUN] It doesn’t seem to be milk coloured.

2009.08.31 00:50
Fan: Minho yah. Go onto SSTP as a permanent guest during your Second Official Album promotions!!! If it’s with Jonghyun next time, it should be very interestingㅎㅅㅎ♡
[JONGHYUN] Seems like the only guy who can control Pomo Guy Minho is me.
(a/n: pomo is short for performance in korean i think. jjong is indirectly saying that minho is very drama mama here.haha)

2009.08.31 01:01
Fan: Is my UFO delicious?
[JONGHYUN] No. Sent.

Fan: [JONGHYUN] Extra charismatic Jonghyun with small muscles and thin veins! SHINee World really loves you, you know that *-*?♥
[JONGHYUN] I love you all too. Ke

Fan: Jinki oppa. Fried chicken fried chicken fried chicken. Let’s chew on a drumstick together?????
[JONGHYUN] Onew hyung likes chicken.


Chinese Translation: bobohero@闪耀星球
English Translation: atlantis-x


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