Nichkhun sings Suzuki Jelato’s “Cute” song


After the rest of the guys from 2PM returns to Korea, Nichkhun will stick around Thailand a little longer for his endorsement with Suzuki Jelato.  He’s expected to meet fans on September 5th and his song titled “Cute” for Suzuki has been released. 

The concept of the endorsement is that Suzuki Jelato is cute, adorable and lovable.  To encourage customers to purchase, Suzuki came up with a song that Nichkhun sang.  Is the song, really that cute?  Check it out.  By the way, when 2PM recently did the endorsement with Hanami chips, they banked 4.4 million US dollars.  How much do you think, Suzuki is paying Nichkhun for his solo endorsement?

In the song, Nichkhun is telling everyone that no matter how naughty we are, we’re still cute and that together we can bring out our cuteness.  He also says he wants everyone to be cute and that everyone has their own cuteness.  I like Nichkhun, I really do and it’s not his fault but this song is 100% cheeeeeesy!


Credits: patjp09



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