Jonghyun’s long lost sister ends up in the same record label?


I wasn’t going to post this, but it must be said.

SM Entertainment’s new girl group, f(x) has released their full MV for the song titled Lachata.  The group features five girls or should I say four and a half?  The MV is posted below, but I wanted to point out one particular member by the name of Amber.  I don’t know how to feel about her.  We all know that a lot of male Korean celebrities are very good looking and some can even pull off looking like females if they put on a wig.  This time around it’s a girl who looks like a guy and not just any guy.  Amber looks like Jonghyun.  If she was a guy, we’d probably think her and Jonghyun are related.  By the way, they are not related.

We have other masculine female singers like CL from 2NE1, but there’s still a sexy and feminine feel to her.  As for Amber, I don’t feel that at all.  Maybe I need some time to get use to her appearance, looks like a guy but has a girl’s voice.  Are you guys feeling what I’m feeling?

Pictures of Amber





Jonghyun’s picture






5 responses to “Jonghyun’s long lost sister ends up in the same record label?

  1. haha i think its the hair that make jh and amber look alike.

  2. wow they do look alike but thats sort of jacked up sayin 4 n a half girls!!!but wat ev anyways they do look alike i say its the nose n the eyes!!!

  3. Jack314159265

    She’s deffinitly not as feminine as most of the kpop girls these days, but she has an amazing personality! Her style fits her well and i couldnt see Amber any other way, all though she does look a bit like Jong-Hyun (consequently my fave from SHINee!!!). It’s funny because most of the comments relating to her on youtube MVs talk about how hot she would look if she were a guy. Anyways, Amber is my favorite by far, and I wish she had more of a part in f(x). Amber fighting!!!!!! 😀

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