The writer from “Hot Blood” leaves a warming message for Jaebeom


Jaebeom first debut on the show “Hot Blood”, which put the Oneday boys in harsh situations in order to prepare them for stardom.  The writer for the show left a message on cyworld for Jaebeom.

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Lee Minho goes in for the kiss with Dara


More images of Lee Minho and Dara kissing are surfing  the internet.  Warning!  Images will cause your heart to race at a rediculously fast pace. Continue reading

Jaebeom quits 2PM and returns to America


Jaebeom will no longer be a member of 2PM and ends his career in Korea.

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2PM’s Nichkhun, Junsu and Chansung one year anniversary message


2PM’s members Nichkhun, Junsu and Chansung left UFO messanges for their fans regarding their one year anniversary.

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2PM’s full album comeback


Only one month until 2PM’s comeback.

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SHINee’s fan art


Some of SHINee’s talented fans created a few adorable artwork.  Check them out.

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2PM leaves Taecyeon behind (Part two)


In my “2PM leaves Taecyoen behind” post, I mentioned that the guys of 2PM minus Taecyeon did a photo shoot.  Well, here are more of those images.  Of course it’s minus Taecyeon.

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