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Dara’s full “Kiss” MV for Cass 2X Beer is finally out!


Dara’s full MV, “Kiss” for Cass 2X beer with Lee Minho is finally out!  The much anticipated MV did not disappoint. 

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Lee Minho & Dara’s Cass 2X CF Teaser


The much anticipated collaboration for Cass 2X beer featuring Lee Minho and Dara just released a CF teaser.  And must I say it?  Yes, it’s quite a teaser indeed; filled with extreme hotness!  Check it out!

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Lee Minho goes in for the kiss with Dara


More images of Lee Minho and Dara kissing are surfing  the internet.  Warning!  Images will cause your heart to race at a rediculously fast pace. Continue reading

Lee Minho kisses Dara and tells all…


Lee Minho kisses Dara and tells all fans with pictures.  The pictures of Lee Minho and Dara kissing has been released.

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2NE1’s Dara is expected to release a solo song


The ‘I Don’t Care’ activities ended in a huge success, and starting from this week, 2NE1 is preparing for their follow up songs. Sandara Park, without any notice, suddenly began her own solo activities. Sandara’s solo song ‘Kiss’ is planned to be included in 2NE1’s coming album in October. It will be produced by YG’s main producer Teddy who also produced ‘Lollipop’, ‘Fire’ and ‘I Don’t Care’.

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2NE1 takes home 3 awards from Mnet 20’s Choice Award


2PM aren’t the only idols firing up the stage at the Mnet 20’s Choice Award.  The girls of 2NE1 took home a total of three awards.  The girls took home, hot online song, hot CF star and new hot star!  Well deserved.  Out of all the new female artist this year, 2NE1 was the most unique.  They step out of the boundry from those cute and pretty artist. 

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2PM, 2NE1 & SHINee Fan Art


2PM, 2NE1 and SHINee aren’t the only ones with talent.  Fans of all three groups have some serious talent as well.  Check out how much  time and dedication fans have put in for their idols.  Oh by the way, yes that is a sperm that Jay is chillin’ with.  Pretty hilarious.

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