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JYP’s official statement about Jaebeom’s leave


I don’t know whether to say this is good news or bad news.  Not too long after my last post, JYP made an official statement about Jaebeom’s decision to leave.  On top of that, a group known as kHOTTEST are doing all they can to stop all activities that involves any 2PM members.

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More of Jaebeom’s old myspace & xanga blog found on the internet


Jaebeom is finally back in Seattle with his friends and family.  Without JYP’s official statement about the situation, Hottest are still antsy about what’s going to happen next.  Recently more of Jaebeom’s myspace and xanga blogs have been surfing the internet.  This time there are no negative words of Korea, only a young guy trying to live a normal life. 

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Jaebeom quits 2PM and returns to America


Jaebeom will no longer be a member of 2PM and ends his career in Korea.

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