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2AM’s Jokwon sends encouraging words to ex-2PM member,Jaebeom


Words of encouragement keeps flowing in for Jaebeom.  Jokwon who will be taking over Jaebeom’s MC spot on Nadji recently updated his cyworld with words to Jaebeom.

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Wild Bunny Ep 6 (Eng Sub)

Wild Bunny1

Hi everyone!  Here is episode 6 of Wild Bunny with English subs.  All the episodes just gets funnier and funnier.  Watch the guys show their feminine side, enjoy and please don’t forget to comment.

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2AM & 2PM’s Dirty Eyed Girls MV

Dirty Eyed Girls

On the last episode of Wild Bunny, 2AM’s Jokwon and Seulong got together with 2PM’s Wooyoung, Taceyeon and Chansung to form a temporary group called Dirty Eyed Girls.  They did a remix of Brown Eyed Girl’s Abracadabra.  The music video is finally out and all I have to say is, “How could they do it”?  Well, these guys aren’t the typical idols we’ve seen in the past.  We really don’t know what to expect what they’ll do next.  Get ready for some serious laughs. 

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2AM Featured in Maxim Magazine


I am in no doubt that 2AM is just as sexy as 2PM, just in a more sophisticated way.  Our guys were recently featured in the September issue of Maxim magazine.  I’ll let them off the hook this time for covering up, but next time, we’ll want to see them show a little more skin.  We all know there’s a lot to show under those shirts.

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