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Good news for 2PM fans

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The show must go on!  Taecyeon and Wooyoung are expected to continue their duty as MCs on Inkigyo.

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2PM’s full album comeback


Only one month until 2PM’s comeback.

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2PM leaves Taecyeon behind (Part two)


In my “2PM leaves Taecyoen behind” post, I mentioned that the guys of 2PM minus Taecyeon did a photo shoot.  Well, here are more of those images.  Of course it’s minus Taecyeon.

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Celebrating 2PM’s One Year Anniversary


Today marks the one year anniversary for 2PM since their debut back in 2008.  In only one year, 2PM has proved to be one of the most unique idol group in Korea as they display their fun and natural personalities.  There’s no secrets and pretending to be cute only sexiness and masculinity.  Congratulations to 2PM and we hope to see more of your hard work and dedication.  We’ll see you in October for your comebacke.

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Wild Bunny Ep. 7 (Eng Sub)



Wild Bunny ep 7 with subs is up.  Enjoy!  This is one of my most favorite episode.

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2PM answer questions with 10 asia


Here is the interview with 10 asia

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2PM’s Junho & SHINee’s Minho teams up for “Dream Team”


2PM’s Junho and SHINee’s Minho are teaming up for “Dream Team”.

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