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JYP’s official statement about Jaebeom’s leave


I don’t know whether to say this is good news or bad news.  Not too long after my last post, JYP made an official statement about Jaebeom’s decision to leave.  On top of that, a group known as kHOTTEST are doing all they can to stop all activities that involves any 2PM members.

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Good news for 2PM fans

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The show must go on!  Taecyeon and Wooyoung are expected to continue their duty as MCs on Inkigyo.

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2PM’s full album comeback


Only one month until 2PM’s comeback.

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JYP updates on 2PM’s recording


JYP is really getting a hang of this twitter thing.  He just updated his twitter page with a picture of him and Nichkhun enjoying themselves in the studio.  The update was on the 24th at 6pm Korean time.  Here’s the picture.

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JYP Entertainment is hiring in NYC

JYP Logo

If you live in NYC and and have a passion for JYPE’s vision, then you might want to apply for the position that’s currently open.  JYPE is hiring for online marketing assistant.  A marketing degree is required.  They use to require that potential employees be fluent in Korean, but now they are accepting all applicants. The company also accepts internships if anyone wants to give it a shot.  Here’s the information.

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2PM’s Scheduled Comeback

2pm comeback

There’s no time to rest for 2pm as they prepare for their comeback.  JYP recently update his twitter with images of him hanging out with Wooyoung and Nickhun in the studio. 

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