Jaebeom’s high school friend speaks out about him being criticized


 Jaebeom’s high school friend recently posted up a long letter about her relationship with him along with her opinion on the situation.

 전 재범군과 고등학교 동창입니다.
I’m a highschool schoolmate of Jaebeom

한때 xan** 및 mys****등 커뮤니티가 붐이었던 당시
나이로 따지면 고2? 고3? 시절에 그저 베스트프렌드와 사적으로
쓴 글이 이렇게 물의를 빚을 수 있다는게 참 안타깝네요.
When communities such as xan*** and mys**** was in boom
if we look at it by age it was during Year 11? Year 12 of high school?
It is quite sad that things written during those times in private to a best friend is receiving such public criticism

일단, 짚고 넘어가자면 미국 고등학생 사이에서
현 한국 아이돌 그룹 같은 가수는 별로 인기있는 타입이 아닙니다.
Firstly, it needs to be pointed out, idol groups such as those in Korea at the moment are not very popular
amongst US senior high school students

한국 또는 일본에서야 백스트릿보이즈/엔싱크 이런 가수들이
플래티넘히트를 치지만 미국 현지에선 남성 아이돌 그룹은
초/중등 여학생들을 타겟으로 하지요.
In Korea and Japan, groups such as Back Street Boys and N’Sync make platinum hits
but in America at the moment, boy idol groups are targeted at primary school/junior highschool girls

학교에서 백스트릿보이즈의 곡이라도 흥얼거리면
그거 백스트릿보이즈냐며 놀림감이 되기 일쑤입니다.
그나마 개방적이라는 미국도 알고보면 참 편견이 심한거 같아요.
If you go around humming a Backstreet Boys song
you get asked if that is Backstreet Boys and get teased.
While America seems relatively open minded, I think that if you come to know it, there is bad prejudice

재범군은 미국 고등학교 시절부터 인기있는 아이였어요.
또래 사이에서 나름 유명한 b-boy 크루를 결성하여 메인 멤버로 활동하고 있었고
점심시간 식당에선 재범 군 주위로 항상 아이들이 몰렸지요.
잘 노는 아이였고 물론 끼도 있었고요.
Jaebeom was a popular kid ever since high school.
He formed a b-boy crew that was relatively famous amongst peers and performed as the main member
and during lunch times, there were always kids that surrounded Jaebeom at the lunch table.
He was a kid that played a lot and of course had a lot of talent too.

제가 알기론 재범군은 이모님의 추천으로 JYP 오디션에 응모한걸로 알고있습니다.
썩히기 아까운 재능이었으니까요.
From what I know, Jaebeom participated in the JYP audition after being recommended by his aunt.
Because he had a talent that was too good to be wasted.

재범군도 자신의 재능을 활용할 수 있는 길이라는 것에 응했을테고
합격한지 얼마 후 한국으로 떠났지요.
Jaebeom also agreed to the audition because it was a way for him to use his talent
and not long after he got accepted, he left for Korea.

한국에서 학교도 안 다녀보았으니 아는 사람이 있을 리 만무하고
한국의 또래들과는 문화 코드조차 안맞으니, 말이 통할리 없고
Not having attended school in Korea, he would have not have had anyone he knew
And as he did not fit in witht he culture of his Korean peers, he wouldn’t have been able to talk to them

게다가 한창 웃고 떠들며 쇼핑도 하고 친구들과 몰래 맥주도 사마시고
그럴 나이에 새장 속 새마냥 연습실에 틀어박혀 지겹도록 트레이닝만 받으니
스트레스를 받지 않을 수 없었을거에요.
On top of that, at an age when you should be laughing lots and chatting while shopping with friends and secretly drinking beer
he was always stuck in practice rooms like a bird in a birdcage, training til he was tired.
it would have been inevitable that he was stressed

게다가 헐렁한 셔츠에 흘러내리는 바지를 입고 브레이크댄스를 추며
랩을 하며 남자애들과 왁자지껄 떠드는걸 좋아하는 아이가
순식간에 자기 또래 친구들 사이에서
배척받는 보이밴드 모방형 그룹에 배치되어버렸으니 상실감도 컸겠지요.
Also, as a kid who liked to break dance and rap
with guys who wore loose shirts and loose pants, and liked to chat like crazy
he must have felt lost being quickly arranged to be in a boygroup that used be rejected by his friends.

한가지 더 짚고 넘어가자면 미국 전역이 그러한지는 모르겠지만
제가 살던, 그리고 재범 군이 살던 시애틀에선 지금 현 한국 아이돌들의 옷차림이며
눈가에 스모키화장이니 이런것들 전부 동성애자 같다며 절대 꿈도 못 꿀 스타일이에요
And if I must point something else out, I’m not sure if all of America is like this but in the Seattle that I lived in, and Jaebeom lived in, you wouldn’t even dream of wearing clothes like those of current Korean idols or wear smoky eye makeup because you would be told that you looked homosexual.

스스로를 갱스터로 분류하며 (한국의 일진의 개념이지요.) 거칠고 활동적인 면모로
포장하는 아이들에겐 (재범군도 이 쪽에 가까웠던거같아요) 눈가에 짙은 화장,
다듬은 눈썹, 짝 달라붙는 바지는 어색하다 라는 표현만으로는 좀 부족했을테지요.
For kids who started to classify themselves as gangster (that’s the same concept as ‘iljin’ in Korea) and behaved rough (Jaebeom was close to this group), it would be insufficient to say it would be awkward to wear wearing eye makeup, to shape your eyebrow and to wear tight jeans.

그렇게 스트레스를 받으며 지내던 당시,
한창 모든게 겪어보고싶은 고등학생의 나이에
유일하게 기댈 수 있는 친구에게 자신의 힘든 상황을 불평하는게
그렇게 큰 죄가 되는건가요?
In a time when you’re under such stress,
and at the high school age when you want to experience everything
Does it become such a big crime
to complain about the hardships of your personal situation to the one friend you can depended on?

여러분이라면 잘나가는 현재를 전부 한순간에 버리고
5년 가까이 말도 안 통하는 어디 먼 땅에 혼자 떨어져서는
그 상황을 즐기며 만족할 수 있을까요?
If it was you would you be able to leave your present
And be satisfied and enjoy 5 years in a far land by yourself
where you cannot speak the language?

재범군이 한국을 여러분 생각마냥 싫어하는 것도 아니고
한국에서 미국 국적을 지니고 돈을 벌어들인다한들
그건 모든 걸 포기하고 새로운 시작을 견뎌낸 용기에 대한 보상이 아닐까요?
Jaebeom does not hate Korea like you all may think
But could it not be that……
(Sorry, I don’t really understand this part. Something about earning money in Korea as an American citizen and the courage for leaving everything for a new start)

2PM 재범군의 팬은 아니지만, 시에틀의 JAY PARK의 친구로써
너무 안타깝습니다. 탈퇴라니요, 말도 안된다고 생각합니다.
한국에 첫 발을 내딛고 낯선환경을 겨우 극복하고 이제 겨우 시작점에 선
한 사람을 네티즌들의 비난일색으로 매장시켜 미국으로 돌려보내곤
평생 한국을 싫어하게 만들 셈인가요.
I am not a fan of 2pm’s Jaebeom, but as the friend JAY PARK of Seattle I am very heart broken.
What do you mean quit (quitting from 2pm), I think that is something that doesn’t make sense.
Are you trying to making someone who has just overcome living in unfamiliar surroundings and is only just standing at the start line hate Korea forever by burying him with criticism by netizens and making him return to America

게다가 해석한 글들을 보니…
정말 말도 안되게 부정적으로 탈바꿈시켜버리셨더군요들
작가하셔도 되겠어요.
다만 번역가는 하지 마세요.
Reading translated posting…
They were really ridiculously translated negatively.
You could become writers.
Just don’t be translators.

※엊그제까지도 재범 군 관련 글들을 보면
‘어쩔수없는 미국인’ , ‘실망이다’ , ‘미국으로 돌아가라 양키새끼’
이런 리플들이 베플을 떡하고 차지하고 있더니
Only until recently when I read replies about Jaebeom
Comments like ‘’an American’, ‘’disappointing’, ‘go back to America you Yankee b*tch’’
Were among the most liked replies (in some Korean sites you can “like” comments kind of like on Facebook)

탈퇴선언이 나온 지금
‘안타깝다’ , ‘아까운 인재하나 보내는구나’
를 베플에 올리네요.. 이중성인가요..
병주고 약주는건가요.
but now that a statement about quitting has come up
Comments like ‘it’s a shame’, ‘we’re sending away a talented man’’
Are becoming the most liked replies… Is it hypocrisy…
Are you giving disease and now offering a remedy (this is a Korean saying )

출처 : 2pm 박재범의 2005년 ★또다른★ 글 (+추가) 네이트판 리플

Credit: Daum; jjjannia


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