The writer from “Hot Blood” leaves a warming message for Jaebeom


Jaebeom first debut on the show “Hot Blood”, which put the Oneday boys in harsh situations in order to prepare them for stardom.  The writer for the show left a message on cyworld for Jaebeom.

I can’t believe the first program that you had to do
was ‘Hot Blood’ even though you didn’t adapt to the
Korean culture at the time…

Now that I think of it, everything that you had to go through
at the island.. it must have been so hard….

We had to make you sing traditional Korean songs (pan sori)
make you wear army uniforms and crawl around the mud
Teach you the basics of dado (tea ceremony) and etiquette…
make you work until your voice became hoarse…
I can’t believe those were all part of your first debut program…

And the fact that I was the writer that created this harsh program…..

Although I am very sad and my heart is breaking,
I think it was a good thing..
that even though you had to go through all that,
you worked hard, tried to learn more..
and in the process, I believe that you have grown and matured…

Then, as if you wanted to show this progress, you made your debut,
and even though it was a short time, you were able to give joy
and laughter to your loving fans and audience…
The time that you spent in Korea,
I just hope that it wasn’t all just a time of hardships and pain…

I wonder what you are thinking inside the plane, on your way to your mother’s side?
Your heart must be heavy and complicated right now…
and this may be a selfish request……

but please don’t hold a grudge against this place.. where you have your roots……

And just as you have emerged from the rough and difficult process before
I hope that you will someday come back…

I am now just regretting why I couldn’t do more for you…

ah….tears come to my eyes…..

credit: bestiz, writer’s cyworld


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