Jaebeom quits 2PM and returns to America


Jaebeom will no longer be a member of 2PM and ends his career in Korea.

Within the last three days that I was unable to update the blog, so much has happened.  2PM’s leader, Jaebeom has stated that he is leaving the group and returning to America.  He actually just arrived in Seattle today, leaving 2PM members and fans behind.  Yes, he called it quits, but for good reason.

 Jaebeom made an important decision to quit 2PM because he did not want to cause the group any burden from his controversy these past few weeks.   It all started with his MC gig on Nodaji when he couldn’t sing the Korean national anthem.  Koreans are known for being very prideful and they were quite disappointed with Jaebeom. 

 Then all hell broke lose when netizens scooped up Jaebeom’s old myspace comments from his trainee years; which dates back to 2005.  That was four years ago when he was only 18 years old.  Young and naïve, living in a country where he didn’t understand the culture, Jaebeom felt uneasy and expressed this to friends on myspace with commits like, “Koreans are gay… I hate Korea”.  At such a young age, when feeling unwanted and like an outcast, many people would express negative opinions and this was the case for Jaebeom.  However, being such a prideful country, antis couldn’t let it sly.  They created a petition on Agora titled, “Jaebeom should commit suicide”.  Soon it was removed and replaced with, “Please forgive our Jaebeom just this once”. 

 Members of 2PM displayed their support for the leader.  Wooyoung posted on this cyworld that 2PM is not a group of 7, but are a group of one.  However, antis bombarded his cyworld with negative comments, casing Wooyong to remove the post.  This stirred up even more controversy. 

 In the end, Jaebeom was removed from Nadji as MC and will be replaced by 2AM member, Jokwon.  Wild Bunny’s last episode was suppose to air last night, but did not because PD did not want to show Jaebeom being silly while this intense situation is going on.  2PM’s comeback was schedule for the first week of October, but is now put on hold.  There are not activities for 2PM at this time. 


Above is the a clip image from Wild Bunny’s last episode.

 Although, Jaebeom wrote a heartfelt apology, antis are still not able to forget and forgive; which is quite unfortunate for Jaebeom. 

 “Hello everyone, I’m 2PM’s Park Jaebum. I would like to apologize for the words I typed on myspace a few years ago. Sorry. I would like to explain my feelings then and apologize for them.

I returned to Korea in Jan 2005 when I was a high school student. Being born and bred in America, I had hardly any understanding of Korea, and when I first came to Korea, I couldn’t speak the language, couldn’t adapt to the food, and didn’t know and didn’t understand Korean culture.

My family was all in America and when I came to Korea it seemed like everyone was being cold to me. I had no idea when I would debut and I was really lonely. It was a really difficult and lonely period for me due to various reasons. I missed home, felt like giving up and wanted to go back to my family in America.

I posted such things because I really hated how I was living then and got really worked up. I was really young then and didn’t express myself well. I was young, didn’t have enough sense and because it was a difficult period, and I made these mistakes due to the situations I was facing at that point in time.

And as time passed I forgot that I had ever posted such things. Looking back, I’m really sorry and embarrassed for writing such things. I have since adapted to Korea and completely changed my mind set. I’m thankful for all everything I went through so that I could perform on stage. I posted those words 4 years ago and I have completely changed since then.

To my family, Hottest and our 2PM members, I’m really sorry to everyone as well as everyone who loves 2PM.”

 If he was an artist in the states, small comments like this would be forgiven and considered a good PR tactics.  Kanye West makes ridiculous comments all the time and Chris Brown is still in the entertainment industry after he beat up Rihanna. 

Fan of 2PM shows support for Jaebem signing petitions and posting up encouraging notes at the JYP building in Seoul. Maybe we should do this in the building where JYP is at in NYC.




 JYPE did confirm that Jaebeom chose to call it quits for the sake of 2PM.  He did not want to hold the rest of the members back.  However, there are not official words from JYP himself regarding what will happen to the future of 2PM.  Rumors are that Junho will take over as leader.  It has not been confirmed if the group will remain with only six or if they will recruit a new member.  In the end, these are Jaebeoms last words to fans…

 Jaebeom posted:

“Hello, I’m 2PM’s Jaebeom.

I’m sorry for giving you my last greeting through this letter.
I think it will be hard for me to see you all on stage because of my sorry heart.

I’m really sorry to everyone, and I’m even more sorry to the fans who have shown me love.
From today, I will leave 2PM.

2PM boys, I’m really sorry to the boys and I’m sorry I couldn’t be strong as a leader and a hyung and have to leave like this.
However, I hope you will be more cool and charming.

Again, I’m sorry.


 More than 500 crying fans showed up at Incheon airport begging Jaebeom not to leave. 








So what’s next for Jaebeom?  He has his last interview at the airport and stated that he will return to America and study music.  He intends on returning to Korea one day after this study, but is not sure when that will be.  He sincerely apologized to fans and departed with his head hung low in stress, disappointment and sadness.

Sign the petition here to support Jaebeom. http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/supportleaderjaypark/


Credits:  newsen.com, symbelmyns, http://teatr.tistory.com/entry/2PM-리…#54413;경



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